Innovative technology
which gives you greater peace of mind

FIS GROUP products feature CE Marking, ie the conformity of products according to community directives, allowing free marketing on the European market.

All FIS GROUP solutions, either up and over or sectional, both manual and automated, subjected to type tests by a certification body, fully meet the requirements of the European community: in the test bench the resistance to wind loading arrives in class 3, also certified safety at the time of opening and operating force only in the presence of automation.

FIS GROUP products also meet all the requirements set by the community directives regarding automated doors.

Biometric fingerprint


The ENTRAsys+ fingerprint reading system opens the front door with a simple touch thanks to biometric recognition. ENT-RAsys+ is a reliable and cost-effective access control system that opens the front door even without a key or access card. Your fingerprint will be your key, always at hand!

Access control system with programmable numerical code. To open doors without a key or access card.
The illuminated keypad won't leave you in the dark when it comes to entering your personal numeric code.

Safety kit
for garage doors 4 closing points

Lock with defender
Safety system with defender

Internal plate
Internal anti-intrusion reinforcement plate

Electromechanical lock
Electromechanical safety lock with automatic locking system.