innovative technology,
constant research activity

FIS Group was born from a solid background of over 50 years of experience, technical knowledge, aesthetic intuitions. An activity that, since 1967, has demonstrated and affirmed its solidity in the sector.

The desire to give value to our customers has generated a new way of thinking about the garage door as an architectural element, capable of giving character and distinction to any type of project.

VERSATILITY, DEDICATION, PASSION AND EXPERIENCE become tools available to the customer. Broad visions and creative sensitivity, mechanics and electronics come together in a single path for
creation of cutting-edge solutions, with emotional aesthetics and technically reliable.
Our up-and-over or sectional doors can be perfectly integrated into any architectural style, whether they are used in new constructions or renovations.
The FIS group garage door represents the unmistakable quality of Made in Italy.


FIS Group
wants to offer you


It is easy to plan the purchase and installation of your garage door optimally thanks to our sales clerk.


Our engineers are developing and improving the mechanical components. We buy from leading company of the sector the automation doors’ packets. We want our garage doors to be reliable, safe and to ensure high, long-lasting performance. 

Our internal technical laboratory tests the quality of all our products in accordance with strict certification laws.

FIS Group garage doors not only protect from the environment, but find perfect balance and integration with the surrounding architecture. Knowing how to listen to the customer, dialogue with him and turn wishes into reality is our added value. We create a perfectly "tailored" solution, in line with the technical and functional characteristics of the product itself.

Each solution is created exclusively at our factories. The production begins with the sectioning of the sheet metal, then moving on to the painting phase, up to the assembly of the automation components. The quality control process concludes the entire production cycle, which ensures particular attention to detail, certain production times and meticulous attention to the final result.

The garage door is installed on site by our fitter technicians, verifying its perfect functioning through a test.

We support our customers even after the purchase: our technical consultants are available for on-site transfers for the resolution of any problem. We also supply a wide range of accessories and spare parts


Our products respond
to all established requirements
by the Community directives.

Our garage doors meet precise performance requirements dictated by the European directive UNI EN 13241-1.
FIS Group products have the CE marking, i.e. the conformity of the products according to the Community directives, allowing them to be freely marketed on the European market.
All FIS Group solutions, whether up-and-over or sectional, both manual and automated, subjected to type tests by a certification body, fully satisfy the provisions set by the European community: in the test bench, the wind load resistance reaches to class 3, also certified the safety upon opening and the operating strength only in the presence of automation.
FIS Group products also meet all the requirements established by EU directives regarding automated doors


We open the doors
to clear horizons

Creating the conditions for sustainable development and pursuing it with constant dedication and attention: this is such an important corporate creed for FIS Group that it constitutes a founding principle.

For harmonious growth that respects the area in which we carry out our business and the environment in which we all live, we make dedicated choices that involve every phase and aspect of the manufacturing chain: from research and development, to work environments, to optimization energy needs, personnel training.

The future is part of our projects, and we are working right now to make it beautiful.